Syllabi Spring 2014

USP 200.01 Changing Cities

USP 400.01 Dynamics of the American City

USP 401.01 Seminar in USP (GWAR)

USP 401.02 Seminar in USP (GWAR)

USP 432.01 Urban Geography

USP 433.01 Urban Transportation

USP 456.01 Urban Community Organizing and Citizen Action

USP 470.01 City in Global Society

USP 480.01 Introduction to Urban Policy and Analysis

USP 485.01 San Francisco Political Issues

USP 492.01 Research Methods

USP 493.01 Data Analysis

USP 514.01 Sustainable Development in Cities

USP 515 Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Envrionment 

USP 530.01 Alternative Urban Futures

USP 535.01 Urban Economics  

USP 560.01 Urban Poverty and Policy

USP 603/604.01 Public Service Internship Course

USP 651.01 San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Issues

USP 652.01 Environmental Impact Analysis

USP 658.01 Land Use Planning

USP 680.01 Senior Seminar