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Applying for Graduate School

Graduate Schools in Planning

Graduate School in Architecture
Graduate Schools in Public Policy
raduate Schools in Public Administration
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Prospective Students

Prospective Student Information
Open University at the College of Extended Learning
SFSU Admission Information
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Jobs/Internship Resources

UC Berkeley website for planning jobs/internships
SPUR Internships 
GreenBelt Alliance Internships
Bicycle Coalition internships
SF Planning Department Internship Program
US Dept of Housing and Urban Development Internship program
ESRI Internship Program
International City/County Management Association
League of California Cities
State/Local/Gov job search for CA and US
SF government jobs
Public Policy Institute of California
Bay Area LISC


Frequently Used Forms

Graduation Application
Major Information Sheet
Changing Major with less than 96 units completed
Changing Major with 96 units or more completed
Adding a Secondary Major before or after accruing 96 units
Changing/Adding Minor
Petition for Withdrawal 
Petition for Incomplete 
Petition for Grade Change/Make-up Incomplete 
ALL Student Forms


Scholarship Resources

SFSU scholarship homepage
SFSU Fellowship homepage
Scholarships Available from SF State Alumni Association


Research Resources

SFSU Library "Investigator"
Environmental Design Library, University of California, Berkeley
Social Studies Database Archive,California State University, Los Angeles

American Planning Association 


San Francisco State University Campus Resources

University Main Page
Department of Political Science
History Department
Department of Economics
Department of Public Administration 
Department of Geography & Human Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies Program
Public Research Institute
Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) 
Willie L. Brown, Jr. Leadership Center
Financial Aid Scholarships